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We have decades of experience helping people after various types of serious accidents or mistakes.

Although the below areas of practice may be less common, our personal injury lawyers have decades of experience helping people after these types of serious accidents.

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We understand that life is fragile and can change in a blink of an eye because, for decades, we’ve been helping survivors of serious accidents or medical errors. We can help you understand your options, prepare you for what comes next, and fight on your behalf for a more secure future.

Think about your future financial needs.

We know that a financial settlement will not change what happened, but having the right personal injury lawyer on your side could make the difference in helping meet your immediate and long-term needs. Our attorneys will first listen to your case and then walk you through options, assist in determining your needs, and develop a plan of action that can help build a more secure financial future.

We can help in these additional personal injury areas:

Farming is a labor-intensive job that involves high-risk duties including the use of heavy farm equipment, working around large animals, handling dangerous chemicals, climbing around grain bins, and other activities that may put you and others at risk for injury from an accident.

However, just because this type of work has inherent risks, it does not mean that if you get injured, you have to be fully responsible for covering your medical and loss of income expenses.

When you are legally on someone else’s property (including a business), you have a reasonable expectation of not getting injured. The property owner is responsible for maintaining a relatively safe environment. This is known as premises liability.“

Our personal injury lawyers will assist if an injury occurs due to the fault of a property owner for lack of signage, warnings, or not properly maintaining an environment.

When you buy a product (widgets, food, drug products, and real estate), you assume using the product will not cause harm when you follow the instructions properly. Companies have the responsibility to design and manufacture safe products, and when they fail to do so, people can get seriously injured.

A defective product can be dangerous and put you at risk of a significant injury or worse. If you have been injured by a faulty product, our personal injury attorneys can help you understand your options and guide you through the entire process.

We have been helping people for decades, and our personal injury attorneys have helped people with many different types of injuries. If you do not see exactly what you are searching for, give us a call or send us an email. We would be happy to discuss your situation and get you started down the right path.

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