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Estate Planning

Life decisions should not come with headaches.

We know that no one really wants to think about creating a will. However, it is a vital tool to ensure your loved ones are properly taken care of. Our attorneys work with you to understand your personal needs and create documents that legally support your wishes.

What is a trust?

A trust is a neutral, third-party agreement moderated by a trustee. A trustee is a person given administrative powers over the property who holds assets on behalf of beneficiaries.

What is a premarital or prenuptial agreement?

These are legally binding contracts that a couple signs before they are married. The agreement can be for anything, but the most common use is to protect the assets of one or both parties.

We will help guide you every step of the way.

  • Establish a plan for your money (bank accounts, retirement accounts, CDs, etc.)
  • Establish a plan for your physical assets (property, home, vehicles, etc.)
  • Establish a plan for your debts and final expenses
  • Arbitrate your final wishes fairly and accurately
  • Construct a will and/​or trust
  • Stay protected and prepared
  • And more

Our attorneys will ensure you understand the legal obligations that come with giving and accepting a power of attorney. We can help you create a plan of action for assigning or accepting to become a power of attorney.

Want to make sure you have your wishes in place in the event you are not able to make the decision for yourself? Advanced directives allow you to make plans regarding your health, finances, and other assets in the case that you are living but incapable of making decisions.

Not seeing the service you need? If you have will or trust concerns, or you just do not know what you need, we are happy to talk about your situation and then connect you to one of our top will and trust law attorneys.

It is very common to create premarital agreements that address many areas of a marriage. We can help develop and prepare premarital documents that distribute assets in the event of various situations.

Not sure where to get started? 

We have created a questionnaire to assist you in creating your estate plan. 

Nobody likes to think about the what ifs in life, but starting now can help prevent some of the uncertainties of the future. Our Estate Planning Questionnaire can help you begin to assemble information on your estate assets, decide who you want to leave those estate assets to, and decide who you want in positions of authority if the worst were to happen. Our Estate Planning Questionnaire can help us determine a plan that best suits you.

We have decades of wills and trusts experience.

Choose a will and trust attorney that will help you protect your family and plan for your future.