Estate Planning & Admin

Estate Administration

Every estate and trust administration is different and unique just as no two people are the same. Our estate attorneys work to help you navigate the deeply personal and sometimes confusing process of handling a loved one’s passing and transferring their estate properly.

What is an estate?

A person’s estate is the sum of one’s assets. It can include anything — including money, property, and more.

What happens if I do not have a will when I die?

In Indiana, if you don’t have a will, your estate enters​“intestacy.” This means your estate will be distributed according to state statute. The Indiana Probate code addresses, among other things, estate distribution, taking into consideration multiple possible family structures of the deceased person.

Our skilled attorneys can assist you:

  • Determine a decedent’s assets
  • Assist in transferring assets according to a decedent’s estate plan (if one exists)
  • Assist in transferring assets according to Indiana Probate code (if an estate plan does not exist)
  • Navigate the court and probate system
  • And more

There can sometimes be a lot of legal transactions and details to consider after losing a loved one. We can help ease some of this burden by assisting you in organizing the estate and discussing your legal options and obligations moving forward.

Not seeing the service you need? If you have estate concerns, or you just do not know what you need, we are happy to talk about your situation and then connect you to one of our top estate law attorneys.

We have decades of estate administration experience.

Choose an estate attorney that will help your family navigate the loss of a loved one and navigate the administration of their estate.