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We understand the sensitive nature of family law matters. We provide compassionate yet zealous legal representation to guide you through these challenging times. Whether you need guidance navigating divorce proceedings, you are looking to aid your family through adoption, or you want to protect a loved one through guardianship, choosing the right family law attorney is crucial. Our dedicated team of family law attorneys is committed to protecting your rights, advocating for your interests, and achieving the best possible outcomes for you and your loved ones.

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Sometimes it can be difficult to make decisions regarding guardianship and custody because of the magnitude of the situation, but other family law proceedings like adoption can bring joy. Since 1950, our family law attorneys have been helping families navigate the legal process of guardianship, custody, and adoption by providing support, clarification, and advice.

We will guide you through the planning, paperwork, and process.

Many people are anxious when they need to talk with an attorney about their personal legal needs. However, once you understand your options and have someone to help you with the fine details, you will start to feel more at ease and ready to begin the process. When you meet with your family law attorney, he or she will guide you through everything you need to know and help you understand what to expect.

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  • Planning
  • Paperwork and filing
  • Court proceedings
  • Communication
  • Creating a plan of action
  • Development of proper legal documents
  • And more

When it comes to custody and support of children, we do not take it lightly. Our goal is to help you understand your available options and to address any legal actions that may be necessary moving forward.

Many times, paternity results are required to move forward with any legal action regarding custody, visitation, or child support. Our experienced family law attorneys can help both mothers and fathers through the process of establishing paternity of a child.

We understand that no one enters marriage with the idea of ever needing a divorce attorney. We also are familiar with the magnitude of the decision and how it affects many areas of your life. Our family law attorneys can help you navigate through the process of divorce or legal separation and determine an appropriate legal resolution for your specific situation.

Commonly Asked Questions

How is custody determined during a divorce?

If the parents cannot come to a custody agreement, custody will be determined in a hearing. The decision in the hearing is based on what the court determines to be in the best interest of the child.

What is the difference between legal and physical custody?

The parent awarded physical custody is the person the child will live with. Legal custody is the right to have input in the child’s upbringing, such as schooling, religion, and medical care. Both physical and legal custody can be joint, meaning the parents share responsi­bilities and parenting time.

How much do I owe for child support?

If the case is an IV‑D case (if filed through the Prosecutor’s Office), you can find out how much child support you owe by calling the Kidsline at (800) 8408757 or (317) 2335437.

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