Why Do I Need to Consider Hiring an Attorney?

September 17, 2015
Why Do I Need to Consider Hiring an Attorney?

When it comes to legal matters, understanding laws and appropriate procedures can be difficult. And when you are facing tough times, you need someone to help. Hiring an attorney is a necessary next step for many situations outlined below.

The law is complicated. 

If you are not a lawyer, you have not been educated on the laws and procedures that surround a certain situation. A solid case can quickly unravel without the help of a trained attorney. Similarly, failing to hire a lawyer when starting a business, reviewing a contract, or embarking on other endeavors with potential legal consequences can result in avoidable pitfalls. Having an attorney does not guarantee the outcome of a case, but be rest assured that a knowledgeable, experienced lawyer would put you in the best position possible as you handle your legal situation.

Not having a lawyer may actually cost you more. 

Depending on what is at stake, be it money or a custody agreement, going to court without a lawyer could end up costing you much more than if you had hired one. A criminal case may determine whether or not you spend time in jail, and a civil case could hurt you financially. Hiring a lawyer can actually save or make you money if you are fairly represented.

Consider the practical and legal questions you have concerning your case: you have these questions because you don’t have the answers or you are unsure how to proceed. Equally important are the questions that you didn’t know to ask. An experienced attorney will know the right questions and answers, can give you peace of mind, and can save you a lot of worry, mistakes, and money.

Attorneys know the ins and outs of a courtroom.

Hiring an attorney is a necessary next step for legal matters.

Lawyers know how to challenge — and sometimes suppress — evidence. As a non-attorney, you may not be aware that a key piece of evidence against you was improperly obtained or that the testimony of a witness contradicts an earlier statement.

Additionally, attorneys understand complex court procedures, such as the proper form and timing of court filings. Without an attorney, you may struggle with the deadlines and protocol for properly filling out and filing certain legal documents. Late or incorrect filings can negatively affect your case, delay a given legal procedure, or have the case thrown out altogether. To avoid these problems, let an attorney handle the paperwork for your case.

Not only do attorneys know how to handle court documents and evidence, but they also know the right people. Attorneys depend on a network of professionals to aid their clients’ cases. Most non-attorneys do not personally know the types of professionals who can help with discovery or challenge evidence or testimony by the opposing party. Trying to find and communicate with these individuals on your own can become an added stress.

They are educated on matters you may not be. 

If you have not been educated in law, you may not know how to proceed in your legal matter. For instance, you may be unsure of how to plead or exactly what pleading” means. While you may be able to sense that something can be done, a lawyer knows how to identify and help solve your problem. An attorney who understands the law will be able to explain your options and can help you avoid potentially severe penalties even before a trial begins. While an attorney cannot foresee all problems and prevent everything, you can greatly increase the odds that things will go in your favor, or that you will know in advance of any issues found in your case by hiring a lawyer. 

They can help prevent a problem from occurring.

It is always smart to have an attorney in order to minimize the risk of something going wrong, and an attorney can help you avoid problems in the first place rather than try to fix them once they arise.

Consider the potential risks you may encounter: If you do not fully understand the fine print of a contract or agreement, you may end up signing something that you do not agree with. By hiring a lawyer to make sure the entire contract is fair and legal, you are preventing any mistakes from occurring.

Also, a good lawyer can strike up a good settlement offer or plea bargain if necessary. An experienced lawyer has been through cases similar to yours or at least knows enough to make a calculated guess about how it might resolve at trial. Sometimes a settlement is the best choice, while other times it makes more sense to see your case through to trial. An attorney can help negotiate a fair settlement with the opposing party.

If the other party has legal representation, you will need it too.

If the opposing party has legal representation, you should too. Non-attorneys are generally at a disadvantage when squaring off against opposing counsel or doing business with another party that has legal counsel. As was mentioned earlier, the law is complicated and an attorney representing your opponent automatically has an advantage over your lack of legal experience.

While the law can be tricky, an attorney can simplify the process for you. If you find yourself in any situation that is hard to understand and would benefit from the counsel of an attorney, it is smart to proceed with a consultation. Make sure you are adequately prepared to fight your case with an attorney by your side.

Hiring an attorney is a necessary next step for legal matters.

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