Meet Our Attorneys: Joe Bumbleburg

November 24, 2014
Meet Our Attorneys: Joe Bumbleburg

At Ball Eggleston, we pride ourselves on the caliber of attorneys we attract to our firm. We all come from different backgrounds and experiences, but work together to form a team that is ready to help solve your legal questions. This post is part of an ongoing series, Meet our Attorneys, so that you can get to know the individuals who work tirelessly to give back to our community. Each attorney sat down for an interview to share their story.

Today’s attorney focus is on Mr. Joe Bumbleburg.

Joe Bumbleburg joined our firm in 1964 after studying law at Notre Dame and Indiana University. Mr. Bumbleburg has since developed a reputation throughout the greater Lafayette area for his exceptional law work he has done the last 50 years within our firm.

He started out doing trial defense work for insurance companies in the local area, before shifting focus to what he primarily works with now:

  • Estate Planning
  • Land Use, Development, and Zoning- for both commercial and residential areas
  • Government affairs- acting as a liaison with various local agencies

Mr. Bumbleburg is not only an attorney, but deeply devoted to the local community here in Lafayette.

  • He served six years on the National Board of Governors for the Red Cross
  • Currently serves as the General Counsel for the American Legion in Indiana. This gives him the privilege of working with many military veterans.
  • He is well-known and well respected throughout the community for his involvement and expertise in government affairs.

Why did you become an attorney?

Mr. Bumbleburg called his ascent into the law world hereditary.’ Although his father worked as a salesman in the print industry with an expertise in government printing and forms, and his mother celebrated a long career at the Journal & Courier, he credits his Uncle Francis in fueling his interest for law. Uncle Francis was a prominent criminal lawyer in small town Indiana. Mr. Bumbleburg grew up watching him work and ultimately followed in Uncle Francis’ footsteps to Notre Dame.

Furthermore, Mr. Bumbleburg celebrated a fun and interesting career in the military. He served as an army lawyer and worked with war plans in special operations.

What sets Ball Eggleston apart?

Ball Eggleston has a reputation of doing the right thing. We don’t just handle the problem, we find a solution. Mr. Bumbleburg, in his interview explains how he credits the firm’s unwritten philosophy with their success and reputation:

  • Community focus: We don’t want to just be here in the community, we want to be part of the community. From the beginning of the firm’s history, our attorneys have taken steps to be active and give back to the Lafayette community. We want to be part of making this town better and find ways to pay back this community for their business and loyalty to our legal advice and services.
  • First class legal answers: We have great clients, in part because they know we provide excellent legal advice and results. We see ourselves as problem solvers who work tirelessly to provide exceptional services. The community knows they can expect that from our firm.
  • Team mentality: Our group of attorneys is a mix of characters that come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. However, that doesn’t stop a single one of us from truly enjoying practicing law. We love what we do and our team exhibits that. We are here to help this community.

Mr. Bumbleburg is the longest tenured attorney at Ball Eggleston and we are honored to have him among us. To learn more about Mr. Joe Bumbleburg, visit his page on our website, /attorneys/joseph-t-bumbleburg.

We at Ball Eggleston provide honest, hardworking people in the community with fair, knowledgeable, and professional legal service. For 60+ years, our attorneys have worked hard to build a kind of reputation that produces referrals from both peers and clients. With 11 attorneys, our size is intentional — large enough to offer a comprehensive range of legal services, small enough to provide personalized service.

Contact us today if you are seeking legal advice or services. Our team is here to help.

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