Deadlines for Filing Personal Injury Lawsuits in Indiana

February 11, 2019
Deadlines for Filing Personal Injury Lawsuits in Indiana

If you were hurt in a preventable accident and you plan on suing the liable party, you may be wondering what kinds of restrictions apply. Three of the most common questions that arise with personal injury lawsuits are: 

  • Which damages can you include in the settlement negotiations? 
  • Is there a cap on the total compensation you may be able to recover? 
  • If the opposing party refuses to cooperate, how long do you have to bring the claim to court?

Naturally, the answers to these questions depend on the specific facts of your case. When it comes to statutes of limitations, there are several factors that can impact the amount of time you have to file your lawsuit.

Since each case is unique, it’s wise to speak with an attorney about the deadline that applies to your case. If you try to file suit after the statute of limitations has passed, your case will almost certainly be dismissed.

Read on to learn about the deadlines for filing personal injury lawsuits in Indiana.

Filing by the Deadline

Man researching the deadlines for filing personal injury lawsuits in Indiana.

In the state of Indiana, claimants typically have two years from the date they were injured to file a formal lawsuit against the liable parties. In other words, if you’re unable to reach a settlement, or an alternative dispute resolution is unsuccessful, you will probably have to file your lawsuit within 24 months of your injury date. Indiana also has a two-year statute of limitations for filing wrongful death lawsuits.

If your claim involves medical malpractice, the statute of limitations will most likely be two years from the date the cause of action occurred, the date the cause of action was discovered, or the date it should‘ve been discovered through reasonable diligence. If the victim was younger than six, the claim must be filed by his or her eighth birthday. Depending on the facts of your case, it’s possible that the clock doesn’t start ticking until the treatment stops.

Although these deadlines seem straightforward, there are several exceptions that can affect the amount of time you have to file suit. If you want to pursue compensation from a city or county, for example, you have just 180 days to file a Tort Claims Notice with the appropriate governing body. And if you want to sue a state agency, you must file a notice within 270 days. If the victim is a minor, though, the clock doesn’t start running until his or her 18th birthday.

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